Specifications Omnitec’s energy-saving devices reduce energy consumption in the buildings where they are installed, resulting in energy savings of up to 60% of the original. Benefits:

  • Energy saving: when the owner leaves the room, the power supply to it stops and, accordingly, the air conditioners, lighting and other electrical devices are turned off.
  • Comfort: service lights turn off under control, timer, with the ability to control access to the minibar, telephone, water tap, etc.
  • Reasonable management: only works with a card that is valid for each installation
  • Multipurpose application: the same media is used as when opening the premises, with or without access rights, depending on the model of device.
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One of Omnitec’s priorities is to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption in hotels, apartment hotels, residences, universities, public buildings, offices, etc. Try Smart energy saver and you will notice the difference!