Safe Avant

Safe built-in the furniture

Hotel safe with top opening, fitted and built into the room furniture.

The Avant model has two pistons in the lid which have two functions: To open the safe lid with spring action once the customer has entered the combination, and to keep the safe lid open to prevent it from accidentally damaging objects or hurting users.

The Avant hotel safe is equipped with the Protect system, with its state-of-the-art electronics offering the highest safety features and advanced management of the safe.

Safe Dimensions (width-height-depth)


The Omnitec Avant hotel safe, with Protect electronics, allows you to simply and efficiently manage the security level offered to your guests, all electronically, as well as determining its use as free or under rental agreement.

Safe standard features

  • Motorized opening and closing with configurable  code of 4 to 6 digits
  • Audit trail by software, by control unit or by printer for the last 100 openings and 100 closings
  • Emergency opening width:
    • X-Master random code generated by the E-Master software (included), with limited validity of 15 minutes.
    • Management control with Bi-Code function which increases security. The control feeds the mechanism in case of exhausted batteries.
    • Master code
    • Mechanical key
  • Emergency electronic delayed opening
  • Braille on keypad, acoustic and visual signals to facilitate operation for persons with visual or hearing disability
  • Low consumption LED interior lighting
  • Door with opening spring
  • Wide opening hinge to introduce belongings without risk of damaging them

Safe optional accessories

  • Activation of rent:
    • Software E-Rent: allows management of the rental of the safes by activation and validation codes generated by software.
    • Rental activation lock
  • Multizone socket base in interior
  • Power supply, avoids the use of batteries and minimizes maintenance

Safe specific project options

  • Change of colour, RAL chart
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Hotel and office safe with top opening. The Avant Safe has been designed to fit into desktops or be installed hidden in a drawer.