Anti-Vandal Model

The Anti-Vandal access control device is designed for installation in outdoor access areas at the hotel, such as garages, pools, children’s areas, etc. MiFare card readers are installed at access points to controlled areas (for example, garage doors), and the guest opens them using the same card as for the room. An additional degree of security is achieved by placing the control unit in the control zone of the hotel staff, away from the card reader. Thanks to this, no third party can access the control unit and make any changes to its operation. The control unit can simultaneously serve up to 4 card readers and is equipped with an integrated 12 volt power battery,


The OMNITEC access device with anti-vandal protection function is a guarantee of the maximum level of hotel security. Thanks to the use of independent card readers and control units, unauthorized access to the premises is prevented, which is achieved due to the impossibility of third parties making changes to the controller.