Compression minibar ELITE

Specifications The Elite is an advanced minibar with a quiet compressor. High level of performance, minimum energy consumption and effective acoustic insulation, thanks to which the noise becomes invisible already at a distance of 1 meter or more from the minibar. The “Real-time Chronometer” (RTC) option allows you to program the minibar in order to automatically turn it off for the clients resting period, which allows you to optimize the level of energy consumption by the device. General characteristics

  • Technology: Ultra Quiet Isolated Compressor
  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V (optionally 110 V)
  • Power Consumption: 53 to 58 W

Standard Features

  • Icing Protection (“No Frost”)
  • Low-energy electronic LED interior lighting
  • Additional door hinge for left-side opening. Easy and quick replacement
  • Height and depth adjustable trays and shelves provide the most efficient use of the internal volume of the minibar
  • 1 liter bottle holder

Specific Options:

  • Minibar door lock
  • Rollers for movement
  • RTC Chronometer
  • Slides for attaching to the cabinet door
  • Glass door for bottle holder
  • Aluminum trays

Available sizes:

volumedimensions height x width x depthconsumptionefficiency
35 liters510 x 382 x 456 mm0.133 kW / 24 hA +++
45 liters566 x 427 x 472 mm0.116 kW / 24 hA +++
60 liters640 x 550 x 560 mm0.26 kW / 24 hA +++


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A minibar equipped with an ultra-quiet next-generation compressor for hotels seeking maximum productivity and comfort with minimal energy consumption.