X-Clusive Electronic Cylinder

The installation of an electronic cylinder will make it possible to modernize the process of opening doors through the use of contactless cards of the Mifare standard, which provides a high degree of security and control for people entering the room. The cylinder installation procedure is simple and easily adaptable to previously installed locks or outdated technologies of any type; you just need to take apart the old lock and install an electronic cylinder of the X-Clusive type.

  • Powered by 3.6 volt batteries
  • Low power consumption device; One battery lasts approximately 30,000 door openings.
  • With a minimum battery level, the device guarantees at least 100 door openings until the power disappears completely.
  • Protection Class IP56
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The Omnitec electronic cylinder is best suited for upgrading doors equipped with mechanical locks, which allows you to give a modern and high-tech status to a room, regardless of whether it is located in a hotel or office.