Holiday Rental Home Access Control with Keypad

Opening with numerical code, bluetooth and on-line

The Rent&Pass system incorporates a numeric keypad access control for garage doors, parking barriers, turnstiles or electric latches.

Installation of this access control is additional to the residence lock and unifies the entire access management system for the holiday home guest.

Connected to the electric door lock, the Digit keyboard allows guests to open the door with the code and the electronic key received on their smartphone (after reserving the holiday home) and access to the apartment door without a traditional key.

Its remote management system means the owner and guest do not need to meet. Once the reservation is confirmed, the owner sends an electronic key to the guest with validity as contracted on the reservation.


  • Opening via Bluetooth, numerical code and online
  • 1 output relay
  • Dimensions: 124 x 78 x 16 mm


Opening by Code, Bluetooth and On-Line

Access control with a numeric keypad, Bluetooth and on-line opening, designed to control external access and doors to estates, buildings and garages, for example.

For buildings where it is allowed to install a device next to each access door, the Rent&Pass system offers access control with Digit keypad.

Full management functionality for access and users of the Rent&Pass holiday rental homes system.