Electronic Lock for Lockers E-Blocker

Lock for lockers with proximity card and code opening

Electronic lock for lockers and furniture up to 40mm thick; ideal for sports centres.

Because of its small size, it can be used in both drawers and doors.

Quick installation in lockers and cabinets made of wood, sheet metal, plastics or phenolic, for example.


  • Mifare proximity opening and/or numeric code.
  • 3 opening modes managed by Omnitec software:
    1. MiFare Reader: opening with MiFare proximity cards.
    2. Keyboard and MiFare Reader: Opened with a MiFare proximity card or numeric code on a capacitor keyboard.
    3. Hidden Reader: Incorporates a small MiFare proximity reader integrated in the furniture to go unnoticed.
  • Requires no wiring; works with AAA batteries.
  • Low battery audible warning.
  • Emergency opening if batteries exhausted.


Independent electronic lock for lockers and office and business furniture; ideal solution for spas, baths, gyms, hotels and shops.

Opening by proximity card or numerical code