Safeguard M-Plus Safe


Hotels of all categories appreciated the reliability of the Safeguard M-Plus model, as this safe model is best adapted to the requirements put forward for safety, management functionality and product aesthetics. Safe with a highly visible display and electronic equipment providing a high degree of security. It is characterized by ease of maintenance, the presence of various emergency opening methods and the maintenance of an audit trail of use to resolve possible incidents. The safe of the Safeguard M-Plus model represents versatility and comfort in the field of ensuring the safety of the hotel industry. Available Sizes Saferguard-Safe-dimensions (1)

    Standard Features:

        • Motorized opening and closing
        • Conducting an audit trail using a display, printer or control unit, taking into account the last 100 opening and 100 closing operations
        • Configurable custom code of 3 to 6 digits
        • Emergency opening using:
        • Master code
        • Mechanical key
        • Delayed electronic opening
        • The presence of acoustic and visual signals to facilitate the work with the safe for persons with visual and auditory disabilities
        • The door is equipped with an opening spring

    Optional Accessories: Low Power Indoor LED Lighting

        • Rental Activation Lock
        • The ability to use multiple sockets as an installation base in the interior of the room
        • Power supply unit – avoids the use of batteries as a power source and minimizes the amount of maintenance operations performed.
        • External battery pack
        • Ability to use braille when working with keyboard

    Specific Options:

      • Wide opening angle 110º
      • Resize
      • Left side door
      • Color change according to RAL color scheme
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    The electronic safe of the Safeguard M-Plus model is a universal multi-purpose model, widely distributed among hotels around the world.